The objects to be surveyed are existing M&E installations and related facilities concerning the safety level of the building, evacuation procedures, readiness for emergency operation and fire fighting equipment.

Objectives :

  • Building Survey is an activity, which provide reports to Clients regarding identified aspects of mechanical and electrical installation related to building safety, safety of occupants and giving advises for improvement.
  • Building Survey is not merely the physical survey itself, but includes detail inspections and testing of equipment, M&E installations and related facilities.

Scope of Building Survey :

Mechanical and Electrical

  • Electrical
  • Electronics
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Hydraulic
  • Fire Fighting
  • Vertical Transportation System


  • Building safety facilities such as fire stair, fire door and route of evacuation
  • Public facilities
  • Environmental of building


  • Floor, wall, column, beam and core wall
  • Structural load


Objects of the survey

  • Fire pumps
  • Hydrant boxes and hydrant pillar
  • Sprinkler
  • Fire lift
  • Pressurized fan for fire stairs
  • Fire alarm
  • M&E rooms
  • M&E shaft and openings
  • Main and emergency power supplies
  • Route of power cables for fire loads
  • Emergency lighting and exit light
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Fire stair and route of evacuation
  • Signage
  • Health working environment
  • Cooling tower and ligeonella bacterium possibility