Risalah Rapat Perencanaan No. 53  tgl. 24 Juli  2012PT. Red Planet Indonesia will develop a new hotel in the form of a budget hotel located at Jl. K.H. Samanhudi No. 25, Pasarbaru, Jakarta, Indonesia and called Tune Hotels.

This building plan is building a tower that consists of 8 floors in the form of a basement floor to the water tank below, M & E, ground floor for the lobby of the hotel, retail, parking and 7 floors above a hotel guest rooms.



Tune Hotel Pasar Baru, Jakarta Selatan

OWNER : PT. Red Planet Hotels Indonesia
FLOOR AREA/ROOMS : 4,454 m2/168 Rooms
LOCATION : Jl. K. H. Samanhudi No. 25, Pasarbaru, Jakarta
FLOOR : 8 Floors



Segenap Direksi dan Staff

PT. Sigmatech Tatakarsa


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15 Juni 2018