404_-_PKST_CAROLUSYayasan St. Carolus - Borromeus will add health-care facilities for the public in the form of additional In-patient facilities, Out-patient and Instalasi Gawat Darurat (IGD / Emergency) with name Gedung Pelayanan Kesehatan St. Carolus - Borromeus in the St. Carolus Hospital complex. The new building will be used as additional (In-patient and Out-patient clinic), replacement (IGD / Emergency) and supporting (parking). In other words, the building was not functioning as a hospital full.






Gedung PK St. Carolus - Borromeus

OWNER : Perhimpunan St. Carolus
FLOOR AREA : 24,000 m2
LOCATION : Kompleks RS St. Carolus, Jl. Salemba Raya, Jakarta Pusat
FLOOR : 8 Floors + 3 Basements, 42 Beds