PT. Sigmatech Tatakarsa (ST) is an independent organization of consultants in the field of Mechanical & Electrical for Building Services such as office, hotel, apartment, shopping mall, hospital, telephone cellular technical building, airport, factory, Building Survey, Energy Audit, Industrial Services, and Infrastructures Services. 

PT. ST is supported by Engineers who have experience working overseas (America & Australia), in foreign consultants and also in well-known private consultant engineering companies in Jakarta.

 We have services:

We always prepares a "tailor-made specification", dedicated to the relevant project.


Company Information

Name : PT. Sigmatech Tatakarsa
Office : Jl. Pengadegan Barat No. 2 Jakarta 12770 Indonesia
Telephone : (62) (21) 7919 0954 – 55
Facsimile : (62) (21) 7919 5787
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Legalization of Law

Establishment Notary (Akte Notaris) : No. 14.- Ny. Siti Nurweni Darmono, SH
Legalization of Law (Pengesahan Kehakiman) : No. C-10.946 HT 01.01. TH 2000
Alteration of Notary : No. 2.- Fatma, SH., MKn., MH
Legalization of Law (Pengesahan Kehakiman) : No. AHU-0003932.AH.01.02. TH 2022
Tax File Number (NPWP)  :  01.945.578.1 -017.000
Construction Services License (SIUJK) : No. 258/C.31.1/31.74/1/905622/-1.785.56/2018
SBU (Sertifikat Badan Usaha) : PB-UMKU No. 912010797066900030002
Mechanical Grade Major    (version UUCK 2020 and latest PP 2021)
SBU (Sertifikat Badan Usaha) : PB-UMKU No. 912010797066900030001
Industry Grade Minor   (version UUCK 2020 and latest PP 2021)
Company Registration : No. 9120107970669
(NIB = TDP & Statement of Company Domicile)    
INKINDO : No. 11516/P/2340.DKI
Certificate of ISO 9001:2015 : QS 3369
Professional Indemnity     
Insurance (PII) : 3030100030


Board of Management

President Director : Ir. Setyo Triyono, AUt. HAEI, ACPE
Directors : Dr. Ery Djunaedy, GP, CPMP
  : Ir. Marius Anabon Putra Setitit, IPM, ACPE
  : Ir. Rusli Bayhaqqy, IPP 
  : Bambang Sri Sugiarto
 Commissioner : Ir. Priyanto Hadi Sasono, IPM, ACPE


Segenap Direksi dan Staff

PT. Sigmatech Tatakarsa


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Taqobbalallahu minna wa minkum

15 Juni 2018