PT. Sigmatech Tatakarsa (ST), is a Consultant in the field of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E), supported by Engineers who have experience working overseas (America & Australia) as well as in well-known foreign and national private consulting companies, providing services:

M&E Building Services commercial buildings (offices, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, mixed-use development);
M&E Building Services for special commercial buildings (hospitals, telephone cellular, data centers);
M&E Building Services for special buildings (airport, MRT stations);
M&E Industrial Services (factory);
M&E Infrastructure Services (region);
M&E Building Survey.


In addition to the above services, PT. ST also has more advanced (advanced/higher) services in the form of:

Advance thermal comfort calculation;
Airflow simulation using CFD;
Building energy simulation for design optimization;
Fire/smoke and emergency evacuation simulation;
Life cycle cost analysis using detailed building energy calculation;


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PT. Sigmatech Tatakarsa


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